USA PATRIOT Act Compliance Tools (PAC)

Anti-Money Laundering Program Creation

Did you know most jewelers are required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws under the USA PATRIOT Act?

Due to the shift in how business gets done, it’s a good idea to review your current program or determine if you need one.

JewelPAC™ makes it easy

Together with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), we’re offering JewelPAC: a new and improved online AML program resource.

JewelPAC combines JVC’s expertise regarding legal issues impacting the jewelry industry with Jewelers Mutual’s trusted guidance.

Features and Benefits

  • Avoid stress by using our proprietary software program that automatically creates the customized AML program documents required of you
  • Save time by administering employee education and training directly to your staff
  • Have peace of mind with automatic updates that help keep your program up-to-date


Log in to your current program

  1. Click "Buy a PAC Bundle" above. (The Bundle includes all wizards for complete PAC setup.)
  2. Choose which bundle you would like to purchase and click “Purchase this Bundle”.
  3. Access your modules by clicking "My Sessions" above.
  4. Click on a “Take Test” icon and the module will start. Completion is estimated to take 2-3 hours and can be finished in several sessions.
    Please be sure to finish your current module before navigating away.
  5. After completing all modules, click the printer icon to print your AML documents, including your Customized AML Policy and Certificate of Training.
  6. To train employees separately (or annually), purchase the “Employee PAC Training” bundle alone; you do not need the whole PAC Bundle for this.

Learn More

Visit for more information on compliance requirements, frequently asked questions, and other AML services they offer.